I got cards to leave to brighten peoples day


The first one was for a cunt of a prick who double parks in handicap spots so no one scratches his car door.






Have you ever seen Linda Kozlowski, nekkid?


About a year ago, while taking my ex husband to chemo, may he RIP, I was just a little stressed. The only parking spot available was one next to a guy that parked really badly. His back-end was a bit of a way into my spot.

So, when I got out of my car, I wrote in the dust on his door “I park like an asshole.”

It made me feel better. :rofl:


Get a valve core remover - fer the tires



Well, I’d rather use my sense of humor than really cause anyone a lot of trouble. Karma’s a bitch.


My friend was sitting in his van after skiing and the car behind him bumped his van parking -
so he did not say a word
so the wacked the van again trying to park and he got out and bitched
and they sed
what the fuck is the big deal?

So they went skiing and he threw their valve cores in the woods and left a note


I have a core remover prolly from the 40’s - priceless


Why are you so butthurt? You told me I couldn’t laugh at my own life, I told you I could because it’s my life, and since you have sniffed around me like a horny wabbit whinging about what I’m writing without any real point.

What exactly is the problem?

It is exactly for that reason I made these cards. Sometimes you need a little truth to smack you upside the head so you can correct your course.


LOL. You want to share, you want to call others SJW, learn to take it as well. Your skin is a bit thin.


I’m not hurt, I am just confused.