I guess there's some money to be made with these old used up Guitars



Thinking about trying to get $1500 out of my tele… the new fender shit is mostly junk unless you spend upwards of around that much.


I sure miss the old time prices. In 1970 for instance, I sold a used EB-0 for a hunnert and thirty bucks, sold a cherry used '63 SG Standard for maybe 180, sold used fifties strats for 250 tops, etc. etc.

I remember one I shoulda snagged…a '58 ES-355 that had oil bath carbon brush pots in it, prolly still has them wherever it is. I hadda give 300 trade for it, and sold it 10 minutes later for 350.


I talked to a guy I know awhile back that used to hang around the band… he’s pissed that he didn’t get his dad’s guitar when he died… it was a 1950’s ES-335.


My son plays a Japanese Rickenbacker knockoff.


Ask him if it’s a Greco…


I think that’s what my old friend has is an ES 335, I think he bought it new, in the mid 70’s