I know Six ain't here, but this is too beautiful not to post


Even with the clue in the post title, it’s hard AF to see. And then it’s so lovely it brings a tear to your cheek.


Almost had it, then I didn’t, then I did it at the site and eventually saw their solution. I had the right start.

Was the black bishop’s initial move a fatal error or was it forced as well? I think black had no other choice, I guess


I think it’s broken, it won’t let me drag the pieces.


When I drag it in the OP, it moves the whole board, just like I did when I was a young’un.


Sorry, should have given you the link if you wanted the interactive. All I gave you was a screen grab.

Well, the bishop to f7 is the only way to prevent queening the g-pawn, immediately.


And since I suck at long-range planning, I assume letting it queen while protecting your bishop would be as catastrophic? Probably, since the puzzle ends with the queening and not the checkmate; so if the goal is to prevent queening then the puzzle suffices.

And yes, it is elegantly simple.


Nah just getting my dork on.