I like this hat



That’s a selfie, by the way.


Your point?


I’m guessing it’s a man-splain troll.

Anyhow I want the hat.


I don’t get the troll. Cafe Press has it for $14.95


If you look closely at the pixels you will understand my point.

By the way, the race card is…Old Hat.


I think LR was just saying that you can see that guy’s arm, hand and camera reflected in his sun glasses.


Racism is as real as Charlottesville and calling the police on a napping student were.

It’s not our fault that your party traffics in racism.


I don’t get why that’s a thing though.


Overgeneralizing about any group(including Cons) is the basis of all racism, I figured that out about a thousand years ago.

End of discussion.



I was going to go farther back, to see your generalization history, but literally the most recent post of yours containing “Libs” is sufficient to blow away both your generalization and your consistency troll.



I am proud to be racist then


The Rabbit Hole, always a risk to the unwary.


That was meant to be humorous, as you no doubt know.:slightly_smiling_face:


How is not liking a political philosophy or its adherents the basis of racism?


I don’t believe that I said that it was but I did say that that type of thinking was. I hope this isn’t too nuanced for you.:grin:

PS-There does appear to be an element of racism to it considering that the majority of Cons are White Males.


I disagree that it is the same type of thinking. They’re not in the same universe. That was puzzling.

When you have a political party with the highest percentage of white males, it is because it is hostile to everyone else.

Don’t blame the people that they marginalize.


Wrong. .

It is simply not the party of Santa Claus.


What does that even mean?


I think he’s moved into the “say something stupid and see who responds” attention whore tr-0all.