I like this hat


It means libs are snow flakes cause they can’t handle the truth (con truth that is)


What does a party of white perpetually aggrieved males mean to you?

I ask this to everyone.


Cons are attracted to the Republican Party because they are fiercely independent and self reliant while Dems simply want a lot of free stuff.:grin:


What Party has been having the most trouble in the courts of late with insanely gerrymandered voting districts? (Yes both sides have done it, but)


Hilarious, you mean like free airfare to a flipping golf club every fucking weekend on the taxpayers dime?




LOL, I missed that one. Great call!


:rofl: I knew that that post would get a response.


You traffic in low hanging fruit.

Aren’t you the clever one? I bet you’d give yourself an A+


There are bigger issues involved here. The Donald simply wants to get things straightend out with China so that you can get your old job back.:slightly_smiling_face:




You mean my old job working in that North Korean Coal mine? Su wheat!


Xi Jinping’s dick will be the only thing trump gets straight with China, while in the donalds mouth


It appears Li’l Ramby knows full well what a shit sammich TRUMP and American Conservatives are.


Seriously, are you still pushing metal and do you still have a doggy? Pets are good for the spirit.


Only when I run out of gas, and yes I have a little doggy.