I think I May Turn Off My 'Puter


I just don’t feel safe here anymore. I need a safe space from all of the dogpiling that goes on. I think I’ll call the safe space My LivingRoom, and there…I will be safe.



I got yer unclear right here!


Watch out for snakes.




What is going on here? Lots o’ snowflakiness that seems completely off the wall. After years of trolling others, someone who shall remain unnamed is using his undemocratic powers to hide out from others who may do to him what he has done to them for a decade? Alrighty then. Sheeeeeeesh. Talk about hysteria. LMAO.


Poasting this song is worthless, unless you have already dumped a few yards of beach sand into your bedroom turning it into the beach of endless summers.


Luck us, we got an expert in the house.


Or three.

I think Spoon is using that thread as a way to get more PMs. LMAO. He needs attention, poor wittle baby.


I just here to have a good time.
…and I am.


Yes. The definition of “good time” is the key to making sense of your posts.


You could have a good time too if you weren’t so serious.


There is quite a difference between being a fun-loving person, and getting a kick out of stirring the shit. The latter is a psychological disorder for which one should seek help.


Since I’ve joined you’ve thrown more tanties and bitched out more than anyone else here.

I’m not trying to pick a fight but I can’t think of a blacker kettle on this board.

No offence.


You know - it seems that stirring shit is a concept most familiar to ones who take things too seriously and who know less about having a good time. :wink:




Sorry but the hypocrisy was just way too much on this one.

Really though, I don’t want to get into it with you because I don’t want you to bitch out.

True story.


I would appreciate it if either one of you two paragons of stability and Good Time Charlies explained, reasonably, not trollishly or BSingly, what exactly I did to Spoon yesterday that made HIM so hysterical.


You know - sometimes its just the way you “feel” about a thing that matters most.


Yes. That’s the key reason I don’t respond to you whenever I don’t. Ms Pot/Kettle Jr. You even had to bitch out on me when I was talking about Louis CK. Nothing to do with you, but, yeah, you had to make me wrong anyway.