I think I May Turn Off My 'Puter


I think it had more to do with your last meltdown than anything you said in that thread but I’m not Spoon so ask him.


I asked you because you’re piling on here. I wouldn’t have expected anything more from you, though. You just pile on as a knee jerk response because you have an axe to grind. You can’t logically defend yourself. The BS you shovel my way is emblematic of your inability to let go of perceived slights from the first day you came here. You hold onto resentments like they’re secret treasures.



You are projecting.

I just couldn’t bite my tongue on you calling people out for being snowflakes after witnessing so many of your melt downs. I fear I’m about to witness yet another one and am grateful I’m going out singing tonight because I cannot think of anything more boring than getting into yet another pointless argument with you.



Whatever, Ms Perfect in Every Way and Always Right No Matter What! No one can hold a candle to you!


Just a bit of honesty here, but I think Lotus may have one-a-them woman things going on and maybe you could just put your arm around her and say you understand.


Far from it but it’s sweet you think I’m perfect in every way.

Thank you. :heart:


Bahaha…oak is on your site!


Everyone has their cross to bear.


Yeah she is and I am enjoying her company. I find her quite lovely.


I have to agree with Lotus, and many others, on this

…rather than with you.
I will say no more.


NFG hon. Sorry :slight_smile:



Shit, black people do.


Remember that we have a great deal more history with the psycho than you have. Trust me, once familiarity breeds contempt, and the meds get out of balance, you will understand our view.


I understand there’s a lot of history here that I don’t have with people but I tend to rely on my own first hand experiences to colour my judgement. Like most of you from this board, she has been pleasant to deal with and I have enjoyed my interactions with her.

Also Doc, I’m an old hat when it comes to chatting online and I came from a board that was vicious and hateful. This place, for the most part, has been such a wonderful departure from that garbage but it also renewed my desire to have positive interactions with people. My attitude counts as much as the next guy’s. In my online space, I’m committed to encouraging civility and comradery. So far, so good :slight_smile:




Quit projecting your bullshit onto me please.