I will bet any and all SF Bay Area Sports Fans 5 Recs, that the Seahawks bury the Niner's next Monday


I gotta admit, I was half hoping for your kicker just now, sitting on the couch last week, a starring roll on Monday night football tonight.




Seadogs will get the ball back!


You wanna bet?!


Dum question, but I take it Levi is a grass court?


Seahawks for the win!

You got yer five.


Bowl shit, I hate these sneakyfuckingtimoutsathelastpossiblesecondbuteveryonedoesit

Good game Niner’s, this was more of a game of attrition than anything else. Neither team really looked like they were at peak performance. imo.


Definitely clay.


Damn, I forgot we were watching a recording and a few minutes behind. I should have stayed of the internet.




No worries, not your fault!


I was wondering, it just seemed like you were a bit behind the 8 ball tonight.


Lot of turnovers with great impact in this game. But an ugly win is as good as a polished one


but being a Seahawk fan, I notice A difference in these Teams, maybe it’s a Carroll thing, but the Seahawks always look casual, kind of like Chip Kelly’s Ducks, deceivingly so which catches the D off guard or winded…whereas this years Niner’s generally looked like a polished well oiled machine, with text book plays.,…


Oh boy, was I. I didn’t tell my guy yet, he still has hope, poor bastard.


O I know but sorry for your lost anywheyz


You know I’m a Raider fan, they won twice in a row last week, so I’m feeling magnanimous towards the 9ers.


they were the last undefeated, that’s no small deal.


I wish the feeling were mutual, but I’ve been a “F da Raidahs” type since my HS years. You understand.


I do. That’s okay, we’re a bit on the working class side of the game.