I wonder how long b4 the first witless fool


Gets wacked over fucklng the Kurds but letting turkey start killing them before our guys are out



He seems to becoming more erratic by the hour.


I’d fight with the Kurds.


I can see what he is saying happening.

I can also see the erratic postmodern wave being exported by america causing another cold war. So maybe I am not the best judge of time. Maybe.


Also what the fuck is Iran doing? They are going to be the only sand people made out of dust if they don’t settle the fuck down.


They got the upper hand 7 ways to fucking Sunday - and they know it - yeah they cud be nuked but they won’t be. SO THEY ARE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT


Golly. What a shit show


I dunno man, their people tend to blow up in random public places. I can only imagine how badly a well funded dust person could explode.


I don’t think Iranians are that big on blowing themselves up - it’s them others mostly


We’re missing out on deport_liberals’s commentary on the Turkish situation. I may import it from another forum.


Yeah, the guy that sez killing 6 trillion Armenians was not genocide

Anxiously awaiting his comments