I'm butthurt


Shit’s too expensive here :frowning:




Boro thinks old folks ain’t alive in there - they are stupid and in the way and useless


I don’t recall his ever saying that…just to be fair… Seems like he’s always been respectful about his parents and such. Of course, his parents are MAGA people most likely, and he’s maybe less respectful of LIBs.


Actually he did say that and not long ago - about the old ones at boeing - ya know, the ones that built it


You misinterpret alot of things.

That was one of them.


Indeed it’s hard to know sometimes which one of ya is the more emo, and types shit on the keyboard that doesn’t accurately say what is really in your mind. it’s good that you’re among friends.


Ya know what - I cud go find it - but your like a boss I had, no matter what - even if you got shit in writing and had him sign it he would just say that is not wot I meant -

It seems to work for you


Or you’re like my old boss and imagines things. :slight_smile:


Imagine that!