Immigration - It's a Good Thing, and Yet Some Seek


I admit it could be wishful thinking on my part, or collectively.


See - I know Bilda: 50’s House Hen, is a bit slow - oh sure, maybe a rung or two above the pets in his zoo, but no guy, no matter how slow, takes 40 years to realize he’s a girl.

Sorry - just not buying it.

Oh sure - you can tell me about your Caitlyn Jenner’s but Bilda ain’t no celebrity. If only he was successful and a public figure he’d have an excuse for holding out. But as a failure and a nobody, what excuse has he? None really - am I not right?


I appreciate your honesty. I hold candor in high esteem.

91 all - about 8 to play.

99 up - 5:39 to go in reg.

Rators + 4 1:37 in reg. GO! RAPTORS!

1+ 18 .5 secs


Good an Done.

Immigration at its best. Yessiree !


Please go away.

You’re not a good person. You are mean and ugly. This is completely unnecessary.


LOL just got back… the butt hurt and jealousy really runs deep with Holly. Looks like I infuriated her. :joy::smiley::rofl:


He’s sick, you know, right?


lol you gotta be pretty fucked up to take that much time to peck out that ranting and raving wall of angry text that was too long to read. LMFAO… He sure thinks about me a lot which is really odd because I don’t ever think about him. hahahaha

Don’t go away mad Holly, just go away LOL


It’s shtick has grown very tiresome. So sad, it used to sometimes be amusing.



… actual counter arguments are not forthcoming I see. LoL



la bess team won.


Juss got back from buying some weed.

You be so cool yo !


No - you read it,
… if you can read.
You just can’t counter with anything but:

Yer a homo yo, dawg… duh… Gonna buy some weeed…

LoL at Queen Cloaca. (That's be you, House Hen)



Get it?
…see - “it’s” still amusing.


Have another drink Holly, maybe it will help with yer gender dysphoria… :grin:


Have another toke, House Hen.
…Maybe it’ll make a man of yee. :wink:


What would you know about that? LOL


More’n yers house hens. Lolz

House Hen replying…

Remin me to esmakate yalls bout



zzzzz let’s face it holly, yer closetedness turned you into an ugly self loathing Trumpster. That’s why you’re a loser living in a shitty part of Jersey with a dead end job, it’s nobody’s fault but yer own. Tell Deportz I said hi. :slight_smile:


More phoney pharie dust, Billda.

Wanna talk?
Just talking about your tranny troll.
Isn’t it just as fraufulent as your “I was born a poor black child” troll? Lolz at Bilda’s bad trollin’ skills.