Intolerant lib (as usual) as adults kid then gets fired


The tolerant left proves to be a lie. Intolerant and violent as all get out.


Act and ability are two different things.

Nice try, Fonda.


Wasn’t it convenient that the kids video didn’t show him mouthing off, writing checks he can’t catch the “old man” should have slapped the maga.


Do you expect a 10 year old to have the same ability as you?


I ran faster at 10 than I do now.


Only because your mom or dad were chasing you with a belt.


Not completely wrong… LOL




Not with your full makeup kit and all


My makeup kit is none of your bidness.





Like sweet Hills sed

What does it matter?


get out now


Was it a tire iron you recommended before for these types?


Yeah, that

Had an uncle got fucked up in North Africa fighting Nazis - I will kill one if I get half a chance


I can understand the sentiment. Conservatives want to pretend that they’re civil. Well liberals can’t let them forget that they behave like violent thugs when they think they can get away with it.


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His gofundme has over 100K in it already.


I would be incensed over his racist remarks as well. The arrogant little shit ought to move to Idaho.


Or if he’s wealthy he could move to Flathead Lake in Montana, that is becoming a White Nationalist Mecca, which is a shame, that is a beautiful area.