If you buy one of those slave made phones we call an iPhone… you’re probably an idiot, especially if you think it’s cutting edge technology.


All the carry-phone I need:


I tend to buy the top of the line Android at the time.

I’ve had an S4, S6 and now have an S7.

When this phone craps out I’ll get the S8 or S9 or whatever they have at the time… but upgrading just becsuse a new one came out…? wtf… :joy:


I got a little shitty android phone, maybe a little more useful than midget’s but the price is right… Free…



I buy the best Android I can get for around 100 bucks. No offense to anyone here, but Apple drones are sad and pathetic.


I don’t notice what types of phones people own/carry. Recently I was talking to a friend and he set his phone down, I watched his motion and he blurted out “don’t judge me”. I’m was dumbfounded so I said what? “It’s an iPhone4”. I would never had known.


I heard Retro Cell Phones were very right now.


I have a iPhone6, my better half has the iPhone7.
I’m happy with the 6, I think I can upgrade, but I’m content.


You have an iPhone6 while your better half has an iPhone7. OK, I think that we have just established that you are a man.:slightly_smiling_face:


No, I’m a woman. Don’t jump to conclusions. ;). His personal cell phone is a low end Samsung (I think?).his iphone7 is a work phone. :wink:


Core Prime? That’s what I have.


Maybe? I think it cost, at most, $200.


Well, my wife drives a late model Legacy with the high end audio while I drive an aging Subaru Forester. It’s funny how that worked out.:grin:


We bought a slick new Mazda3 this year for me, to replace my aged Pathfinder. Sometimes my wife lets me drive it.