Iranians protesting their shitty leaders


He shud get on a jet to Iran

A tactical genius like him could organize the mobs into a top notch fighting group and he could lead a real revolt - maybe be the next pres of Iran


Imagine being so one-track minded that you think Trump is responsible for Iran’s incompetence.


Tehran University.

I have a correction, I am now being told this was in Sunny California.


Obviously a wrongful situation, but those people don’t have bullets in them and is thus an apples to oranges comparison.

Try again.


Hmm, not that different, just the “degree of difficulty”


Both are inhumane, sure. That officer, I believe, was heavily reprimanded.

I’m not saying the US is totally innocent, but to ignore/support Iran when their people support the US more than their own government… is alarming.


Then why do you squeal like a greased pig when the details of that non-innocence are discussed?


does 4 million dead mean anything - 4 million dead due to the USA


Even with having a Political System in place that assumes a Nation Wide strict adherence to Islamic Law…Iran still manages to have people that go along to get along, nahmean?


Are you backing up Iran, too?


Oink oink, Boro


6128 miles

NYC to Tehran

Nothing more to know


Thinking like the terrorist trash you are, huh




Wanna know what’s astounding about the thousands of years old line of witless idiot fools



Imagine supporting terrorism

Wait you don’t have to imagine

You already do


Did you fetch yer ticket yet

to go fight with the downtrodden

you don’t have to wait - you can go now

Or jus be KBW on the net


That’s not how things work, if you weren’t inept you’d know that. Also I have no idea who KBW is.





Interesting acronym from a POG.