Is it an Omen?


This AM at about 7 am, from a friends FB Post


About an hour ago, here in Nice


Wow, that looks just like my back yard, except for the Bay and the Ancient Villas dotting the hillside, and the hillside, but other than that, it’s the same.


Here it was Two nights ago


BTW you can rightclick to isolate the pic and it will embiggen


Looks Nice


You can drag it to a new tab too and it will open up as a full image… still haven’t figured out why you can’t click to get a full image if you upload them onto the site but you can if you hot link?


I guess the upload doesn’t generate a link, or encode the link in the image posting.


That’s even Nicer. Looks like you have the walk around feature on your phone. I have it too.


The what?

It was a couple of pics I used MS-ICE to stitch together.


I have a Galaxy 6. It’s pretty amazing, you just hold your finger down and keep turning, it actually stitches the picture…


Yeah, my Galaxy 6 actually has a video editor and movie maker built in. In fact, I must have it set to randomly make a collage video every few weeks from recent photos. it puts them into an “Events” video folder. No idea how it knows which photos are related, but it created a few collage videos from cannabis pics I took that were actually pretty decent. I put one up on YouTube.