Is it real, or is it Memorex?


The story is believed to be REAL. But the photo has been widely discussed, and while some think it is also real, the consensus is that it is a Soviet propaganda picture, done with airbrushing and other ancient technologies that pre-dated Photoshop.

This image purportedly shows Soviet pilot Valentin Privalov flying a MiG-17 under the central span of the Communal Bridge over the River Ob in Novosibirsk on June 4, 1965 at roughly 700 KPH (435 MPH.)

The story goes (as much as I can piece it together) that Privalov did this on his own initiative, as a stunt. The shore of the river was filled with vacationers, among whom were officers from the district headquarters, when suddenly the MiG came roaring out of the sky. Afterwards the crowd spontaneously started to applaud, but Privalov’s superiors weren’t happy, and they suspended him. He was threatened with disciplinary action, but Secretary of Defense Marshal Malinovsky (perhaps swayed by positive public reaction to the stunt) allowed him to return to service. Legend has it that he was reassigned to one of the two Soviet squadrons equivalent to our Blue Angels, and eventually became a Deputy Minister somewhere in the Soviet bureaucracy. It is not known whether he is still alive. The Soviets only used the story internally as a morale booster.

The picture is amazing. The height of the center arch is about 30 meters and the span between pillars is about 120 meters.



That’s nothing. What about those completely inexperienced pilots who flew planes right into the Pentagon and the WTC? Come on. Now THAT was something.


That’s a cool pic, the one thing that looks weird to me is the “rooster tail” following the jet, it makes it look like the plane submerged under water while doing it’s fly under.


No big deal - same thing here


One of my buddies had a Spitfire, it didn’t look anything like that.


They told the designer of the Spitfire it would never get off the ground and if it did it would not perform

On the first test flight the pilot told the designers not to change a thing


I think that’s what the Air Force told Howard Hughs about his fH-1 fighter jet Design before he sold it to the Japs, yanno the one they called the Zero. (Not sure if that is true, I’ve read people that seemed like they should know say no he didn’t sell it to them, others say yes he did, and others say well the damn japs just copied some of it’s visual design cues


Fuckers, THIS thread is about the MiG-17. :confounded:


The Mig 17 sort of reminds me of the old F-8, of which the Navy still had a handful of when I was in