Is the term "butt pegger" homophobic


I don’t recall saying any horrible things. A joking play on someone’s name isn’t an insinuation to sexually assault anyone. Apples and oranges… it’s like your favorite game now or something. Sorry, move on.


So you’re saying because you used it to make fun of his name, that somehow makes it NOT a homophobic term? Your levels of self-justification are getting more and more twisty.

HeY iT wAs JuSt A jOkE sToP yeLLiNg At Me


Imagine being fine with racism but not a sexual joke.


Using homosexuality.


ItS jUsT a JoKe WhEn I uSe A hOmOpHoBiC tErM


Nobody here cares if you’re gay boro, you don’t have to overcompensate… rlly… :stuck_out_tongue:


2 of my besties are…the more the merrier


He does love guns.:grin:


Exactly. Why is that the first thing some people say about a person, it describes someone in a very limited way.