Is this racist? I don't like to share racist jokes


OK. Just wondering. I probably wouldn’t be interested in your babble anyways.


Clearly, you aren’t interested in truth or logic.


I dunno. What the guy from Coach said in 9 seconds sounded pretty logical and truthful to me.

What part of it did you have a hard time with?


Of COURSE it did.


Do you think acting like a low grade moron is an effective troll?


Sometimes. It seems to harden your nipples now and then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Only is your fevered delusions.


I can feel the flush from here.


Spoken like a true turd.


Whatever happened to good old Turd Ferguson anyways?




What? Good old Turd is one of my oldest internet friends. I’ve known the dude since, like, 1994 or so.

Plus he’s funny as all shit.


I will say this one more time, and one time only. Then I never, ever want to repeat it. He trolled me for weeks over the death of a friend of mine. I found that to be inappropriate and unacceptable. He refused to stop, so I stopped speaking to him. He could have very easily apologized, but he refused. He refused. He thought he was within his rights to rail me mercilessly, saying horrible things about my dead friend. So he is 100% persona non grata in my world.

In other words, FUCK HIM. Fuck him with a long, sharp, burning hot poker. Fuck him all the way through to his tiny brain.


Ahhhh … I didn’t know this. I would have told him to lay off had I seen it. If it’s the same persona I know as Turd Ferguson (aka Schnarvis), it is totally unlike the person I knew. You are totally within your rights to hate the motherfucker if what you say is true. I will speak no more of it.


Well, yeah, it’s true.



Breakups in China are the worst

You see her face everywhere.


There might be some irony here…




Why did all the Mexican girls get pregnant on spring break?
Their teacher told them to go home and do two essays.