It Pisses Me Off


You install a new roll of 2 ply toilet paper only to discover that the perforation on the top layer doesn’t match the position of the perforation on the bottom layer. It’s an outrage!

CBT reactions to this dilemma:

BD6: I will so enjoy the end times.

Oak: See, White Privilege is real.

Apey: I need a comeback, quick.

Witch King:

Add Your Own:


I take grave exception to your mischaracterizations of my legendary spit balls!


PS, Thanks AOC!


No trophy for me? :cry:


I think L_R keeps his cards close to his vest in personal matters, nahmean? </wink smiley.exe>


Oak: Nah mai prolen


I thought of you(and others) but I couldn’t come up with anything, although I did think of a crappy joke in regards to the toilet paper.




Spoon: Seven decades ago my mom taught me how to start a roll and ensure the two plies were synchronous. Even for a five year old, it wasn’t rocket science.


You must have had a very clever mom.


The deuce you say!


"My actual reply: Not my problem"
or “first world problem”

Though last night at Costco while shopping the dude I live with chose Charmin over Kirkland brand. I said my butt was plebian while his was clearly patrician. He just chuckled and kept walking. Thaf was a $6 difference in price!


Go muzzie and save the cash


That was funny.:rofl:


He thinks I’m funny too.

He’s always asking me what time I’m getting home because I’m constantly running around doing stuff. This morning he asked because I was giving my son a ride to jury duty.

I just casually said “tell your girlfiend the coast is clear until at least 5:00, can’t see making it home before then”.
The guys just laughed. Lol


Never nail the side action in front of the fireplace with a fire in it

they are going home smelling like smoke - but yet they should have not been around smoke

just a tip


Once in a while I get a text from a two different guys I dated before my current ball and chain.

If I were a different woman I could have side action. It’s just not who I am. My conscience won’t let me do it.