It's exactly like this


Heritage - a fucking con think tank - don’t say it is my data - it is ultra right wing insanity data - enuf said

Plenty of data stating they add to the economy


Once again Lotus, you completely ignore the way things work

Anyone with a drivers license could start getting credit. I opened my first bank account with only a passport.

How many stores offer credit cards to people without checking anything about them?

The defunct COMPUSA gave me my first credit card, a $200 limit, after a while, I had 5 grand on it, since I always paid.

Like I said before, the way things works varies a lot from business from business and from state to state, but if you look…


It’s the greedy credit card company’s own fault, last fucks I’d feel sorry for about getting ripped off… rlly. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t get his point - like only illegals rip off CC companies



This is what I’m doing the next time I have to go… my name’s gonna be Frank Gallagher. The hospitals rip everyone off too, $10 for a tylenol, $6k a night for a room you have to share with someone… they’re charging people like they’re staying at Trumpf tower or something and have golden toilets. Thanks for the tip, so simple, never thought of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


The ones from Central America were really experts at these scams, I overheard them talking during lunch many times.

Did you know it was not that hard to buy a real SS number from someone around those parts?

For $500 you could get one, and I’m talking about the card

Moms selling their kids identities

Some shady guy from Guatemala could become little Tyrese

With that you could build a whole credit life

Some people would simply have a made up SS number

You opened credit at a store

They would submit your info to those credit rating companies

All of a sudden you were in the system

People would pull your info on computers and your name was there

Bang, a $1000 credit card right there

Probably not like this anymore, but there was no crossing with other databases

It was unbelievable what you could do as an illegal


ROFLMAO I took people who got hurt on the job to the hospital a couple times

One time this dude broke his leg when a bundle of plywood slid over him

Tony the contractor was the insurance and bonding and everyone working for him had to bring work related injuries to this clinic in Newark, except for life threatening stuff

Broken bones, stitches and nail pulling, Dr. Steve Joaquim

And he would have a “talk” with the guy

“We’re going to take care of you, 40 hours a week plus your medical expenses, but if you get a lawyer, you better watch your back”

La imigra no, papi.


Awesome, I need to go buy an SS card off a crack head.