It's funny cuz it's true


I’m (still) sporting a rather fetching black eye patch (I have to keep my eye closed). On Friday I had a meeting with my son’s teacher. When it was done, I walked out of the classroom and was greeted by a wall of children’s art work…


My husband just informed me that there are twice as many nipples as there are people on earth.

True story.



Absence of the nipple: Medically called athelia,


LOL. That’s funny.


One of my HS buddies had 3.


Yeah, a superfluous nipple is not that uncommon.

My best friend once went out with a guy with three testicles. We called him E.T. short for “Extra Testicle”.



My husband just informed me that if you say “Twelve Months” in Estonian it sounds like “Cocks Taste Good”.


He wasn’t lying!!!



kaksteist kuud

~Google translate


The CONs here are sad there’s not one of a man saying twelve months! :cry:


Ahhhh. Here we go.


I was in a store today with my best friend, who is an adorable yet typical blonde. I found this small carton labeled “Cat Milk”. I show it to her and asked, “Do you know how many cats they have to milk to get one carton?” She replies with, “I bet it’s a lot!”

The guy in the aisle next to us laughed so hard he cried. :joy:


My favorite blond joke

A blond is across the river from a lady who asks

How do you get to the other side?

The blond sez


LMAO every time I tell it




OMG! That’s a riot!


My husband messaged my midgets with this:

“Hey kids! Your ride is here…”

Gotta keep em on their toes.