It's hot out




Supposed to be cooler today. It’s only 107°


It’s been uncharacteristically cool here in flyover country for the last week or two. 78 was today’s high, 72 yesterday, 58 or 60 overnight last night.

Pretty weird, but nice at the moment.


It was 75-80 the past several days in the east. There was some rain last night and this morning but other than that the weather has been awesome.:grin:


I had to work outside from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. I was hating life. I had a cooling towel that I wrapped around my neck that helped some.

It was hellish. At least our A/C got fixed today.


I feel ya, I helped setup a local outdoor event yesterday morning starting at 6:30 and worked it until 1:15… It was 105 on a hot parking lot by 1pm.


Working outside today here. Sunny but the high will be 75. A lovely 55 overnight last night.


It was already 80 degrees at 8 oclock this morning.


Get back in yer cribs fer christ sakes - what a bunch of whiners


I did a about a 3 mile walk this morning in about an hour, the google thing isn’t totally correct, it always shows you as cutting through places there are no places to cut through. It was hot by the time I got back, 8:30, need to start earlier.


They named a street after Robin Trower, how cool is that?


Put this on yer phone - google is a fucking joke - google suck fer maps - worst there is


Today’s Hot Weather PSA


I’m sick of the heat and we have 4 months to go. :persevere:


You have NO idea how miserable summers get here, especially from mid-july to mid-August (the Dog Days.) It’s usually miserable by Memorial Day with no slack until October, except September mornings are okay. “Juneteenth” starts today and it’s usually quite hot and muggy by now (90F and 90%,) but this whole last week has been oddly nice. 56 for last night’s low, 63 now, looking for a high of 71. I’m counting my blessings but I expect there’s a cost for this somewhere ahead.


I think that Oak is just messing with us.:grin:


Today is cooler. What did this map look like Tuesday later in the afternoon?




It was about 103 on top of a parking garage building where we were camped out all that day.



I was on a hot asphalt parking lot 105f and doing some physical labor. I about threw up and passed out at the same time and called it a day.