It's Kamala


Seriously! Just how fucking stupid are some people?



Oof. When did she run for POTUS? Fake tweet. Who knows. Funny regardless.


Republicans: “Libs are too soft on crime”

Biden: “I nominate Kamala”

Republicans: “She is too mean to Criminals”


Me: we’re supposed to be fighting against these fuckers, not electing dirty cops and DAs.


Do you mind if I write that down?


Go for it :wink:


So according to Bromo, Harris is a dumbass cause she can’t be arsed to understand the differences between the Kalashnikov rifles and the Stoner rifles, even though she clearly understands the similarities? Maybe Bromo should get her a gift membership in the NRA and sign her up for whichever one of the propaganda periodicals will lay her hip.


If she thinks compensators make a weapon more deadly, she’s fucking ignorant and should not be making laws on the subject. BIG FACTS
Also fuck the NRA.

Also I can’t reply to this thread for whatever reason so ill reply here:
You’re taking one instance and backing it up, but ALL the other instances of unwanted touches means it’s okay because that one was justified? Sounds like the typical Repuke defense on why Trump is a good president… you idiots are all the same… People are making compilations of his inappropriate actions… lmao. But they don’t exist guys, nope.


You forgot to mention that not only was it “justified” for Joe to kiss his granddaughter’s head, it is BEYOND sleazy to make a disinformation meme about the event in question, and the fact of its having been done casts a DARK SHADOW over other photos purporting to support this entire trope.

Some of us are better than this, maybe… but evidently not many.


So you think 1 good action absolves the rest of the creepy action?
That’s the kinda logic that Republicans are using on Kyle. He killed pedos so he’s absolved of murder.



I kiss my grandson all the time. I dare anyone call me a creeper for loving the crap out of him.


So you’re TOTALLY satisfied that the funeral shot, sleazy as it is, is the ONLY fake meme in this hatchet job on Biden, and the rest of the pics and salacious chatter are eminently true, and sufficient to prove him a “pedo” beyond a reasonable doubt?


Can you like, chill bro? He’s creepy. He touches people who don’t want to be touched. That’s an absolute fact.


Not only is it not an absolute fact, your efforts to document it are all from un-vetted third party sources, of which there are plenty in China and Iran and Russia.

And besides, if all you have is the opinion that he’s creepy and he touches people who don’t want to be touched, KINDLY NOTICE that you’ve strayed pretty damn far from your earlier claim that he’s a pedo. Check your dictionary; words mean something.

And thanks for playing.


I’ll just always remember that Democrat’s don’t consider it a deal breaker for an old geezer to caress kids at his will.


Edit: how the FUCK are pictures “un-vetted third party sources” lmao
These pictures are widely known.


How many sex abuse accusations (By legally sane people) does Biden have again?


A good citizen would provide the “proof” to the proper authorities.

Get on it, Boro


It is becoming increasingly clear to me, that the American Military under Trump has massively reduced it’s “Cognitively There” Standards.




I got one of those for posting one of the First Lady of The USA’s modeling pics…It was overturned on appeal.

But look out for Joe, after several of his own children dying, he might be too affectionate with kids.