I've Been to the Mountaintop


Well not me personally, but I did steal this pic of the top of Mount Hood from someone that has.



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Remember this?

I watched it happen on NWCN


Oh yeah, I was at work that day, they were showing that live on the teevee, wild stuff. We’re watching it as the one chopper started to fall and the reporter is trying to describe it as it is happening and not knowing what was really happening was surreal,


I was at home in Seattle and thinking “holy fuck those dudes are dead and I’m watching it”


yup, I was in Beautiful downtown Gladstone (between Milwaukie and Oregon city) about 75 miles or so form there at the time.


Still remember my last journey up there


Did you ever climb Hood? I haven’t I’ve never climbed really, hiked some trails etc…one of my Cousins wife climbed Hood last spring for her 60th, her and her friends did the “Easy” climb, which I guess is more or less just a strenuous hike.

eta: I have driven up to Timberline numerous times and had drinks in the bar tho.


I can’t believe that… lol


It’s an awesome drive up there from Portland normally I’d drive up the Columbia Gorge, then turn right at Hood River and go up the Mountain that way up to Timberline Lodge which is one of those Grand Old Lodges built by Roosevelt and his Band of Commies during the Depression, amazing views from there.


4 times…Great 1 day climb.


Most of the pics I see of out there look awesome. If I ever get the chance I’m going to take a trip out through northern california, oregon, washington state and sample all their weeds.


That would be a hell of a trip, you’d like it out here.


I’m sure, Oregon, Northern California looks like the place for me to be.


Washington is all right too. One of my fantasies for if I ever came into a pile of money would be to live on one of the Islands in the Puget Sound, it’s beautiful up there.