Just saw a video


Of some fat lard lady come up and stab two kids while their parents were walking with them on the sidewalk.

The lady just calmly walked away.

But people want to ban guns, even though the sensible reaction would be to just unload into this lady.


Edit: here’s the story. I dont think the video is om the page but there’s pictures… only seven years? I feel bad for the Georgian prosecuting system.:rage:


That’s a case for concealed carry and summary justice, right?

Arrested on site, and can then serve her seven years as a paraplegic.


That is a horrible event, but get serious, compare the frequency and death toll of random knife attacks to attacks involving fire arms


Use of isolated incidents to stoke generalized fear.


2 Days since the last mass shooting (figure of speech don’t go all mental)


Making America Great Again!

It’s beautiful world we live in.


Merrica is that much more Greater again.


Honestly everyone should know how to plug a bullet would.

It’s easy :tipping_hand_man:t2:







Guns don’t kill people, lonely white male incels with guns do.


No tribe


Maybe we should round up all the twitchy,
white, males, and lock them up?

You know, to prevent a future shooting.

Cause there are plenty of weapons out
there, but it’s these guys who are going
off the deep end, and taking bystanders
with them.


If legal gun owners were the problem, one would think there’d be an absolute shit ton more shootings.


Guns seem to be the common denominator in shootings.


Crazy ass white punks seem to be the
common denominator in who’s pulling
the triggers.

Over 40,000 people died in 2017, in
the US, in car crashes. Are we just going
to give up cars? Do we punish people
who drive safely because others do not?


Crazy people*


Texas gunman who killed seven had previously failed background check for firearm
Reuters Reuters•September 2, 2019



I see now why we don’t need BG checks, they won’t be enforced or acted upon anyway and criminals will just be criminals.


Well, duh.