L_B was in my dreams


I was camping and she was in this field next to the campground but would not come hang out with me.

Then it got dark and I only have one LED light which is insane cause I always have more then one light

and then I was laying flat and watched my spirit leave my body’from a distance

all this without drugs

none of it made up

Any Lucid Dreamers Here?

Spill the wine, take that girl.


Did you just call BD6 a an overfed, long-haired leaping gnome?



It wasn’t a fair trade


What was not a fair trade?

she left on her own - no trading involved

O would have been back in Nov anyway






Your dream reminds me of a dream I had that night. I was the pilot of a hot air balloon and the gondola was the size of a room and it had windows which had blinds on them. I was laying on my back using the balloon controls. There was no L_B or Pit Bull, however, just me.


Fitting - hot air and hot air


It is not a balloon, you stupid git, it is a Zeppelin!