Latinos love trump - what say you Oak?



I need to see the DNA test results.


Birth certificates please

And tax statements


They’re motherfuckers like Rancid Bag of Donuts. They want to believe they’re better than the people that crossed the border today vs 10 years ago.


I have asshole relatives that are Trump supporters. Please note I don’t call them family. They’re a different animal altogether.


I thot you would just say that it’s bullshit

I think fox is lying - I don’t see how that could be true


I think some of it is bullshit.



not surprising. people who are here legally, regardless of origin are against the open borders democraps want.


My question is, who’s going to do all the work Joe? Not only the shit jobs, what are you going to do without yer arab doctors and surgeons… I doubt too many great merican surgeons want to live in some cold shithole with assholes like you… so when Muhammed can’t do your operation and you die that’s just karma right…


Yes, just look at yourself for a good example. Of course, the whole quaint picture of “Dems wanting open borders” is just another one of those Trog Straw Men piles of guano that seagulls love to shit out, but can’t support.


I found this on FB, what many Latinos think about the issue.




i wasnt aware that doctors and surgeons with brown skin are illegals who slithered across the southern border. link?

who will do the work? people who play by the rules and enter the country legally, that’s who you dip shit.


if they don’t want open borders, what’s wrong with a barrier to force these people to legal ports of entry? give trump his 5 bn and tell him to put up or shut up. small price to pay.


No, YUO give him the 5 billion. If we actually operated the “legal points of entry” to facilitate said entry instead of to block it, might be a different story.


Hey Joe

Go piss up a rope

Yer fren Six


Our friend big Jake comes here legally from New Zealand and last time he came back he had Trumpster immigration workers taking him to an interrogation room telling him he’s “taking jobs from mericans” and “changes are coming” because you know Joe wants to go install drainage systems in the cold pouring down rain. He said he asked the guy if he had ever been to New Zealand? He was so pissed off about it and he doesn’t get pissed easily… and said America might not be his first choice as a place to work at anymore if things keep going like this.


Impossiblel! As long as they’re legal, we love them!!!



lots of criticism, but no solutions…typical leftist retard.


You want solutions, try making a clear statement of a problem and then participate in a conversation about it.

Or, fuck off for 3 weeks and see what you get when you drop back in.