Legal weed guy from Oregon, gets arrested in Indiana



Uh oh.

Fed legalization is in order.


A u-haul full of weed, 25lbs of extract which probably took 150lbs of weed to make… going cross country through a bunch of redneck states, that shit’s crazy…


They start busting guys moving shipments from California on the interstates around here about the end of October and it will go on for a few months… they’ll get 20-80lbs at a time usually.


And I don’t know about you guys, but if I’m going to drive a shit load of weed across the country through a bunch of illegal redneck states I’m going to be looking clean cut as fuck and not my dirty hippy self, and no smoking til I get there…

It sucks they got caught and I feel for em but fuck they should have hired some pros to transport the shit for them.


I guess it’s only a half ton of weed, their shit on facebook looks legit, hope they got some other trucks through lol…


“I don’t understand Officer, do I look like a stoner to you?” The guy probably.


100% agree.


Hope they got enough money to buy their freedom, they sure got a whole lotta weed on their facebook…