Shud get back in her tent


I didn’t watch any of it
I never do


I don’t either

in the news

she sed the other one sed that a girl cud not win 2020 - and she is pissed cause she is a girl

they jus talk bullshit - talk bout what yer gona do and how


This is why we’re going to lose.


It’s all fixed anyway

I predict the Dem nominee will be… (drum roll)… Hillary


Oh god, help us all!




Bloomberg cud win


Yeah, that’s true. I heard he’s willing to spend up to a $1 billion on the news last night


I’ll bet dinner on that: anywhere in sf or Chicago you like.


Functioning Adult 2020, Please.


Unfortunately, I think you maybe right Oak


I was deepsurfing and discovered that tL owes me dinner


Gasp, duh dun duhh…!


I bet ON your prediction that Hillary would be the nominee.

Still, if you want dinner, it’s on me.

Once tRumps failure is over, that is. Sometime in ‘21?