LMAO - Dan and Shawnie Reeves have four kids in Humboldt. They said they had only 12 hours notice that a blackout was coming




Ho Hum. First world problems.


they will not fare well in the endtimes


Don’t get me started on the PG&E bullshit. To a great extent, this is the kinda shit you get when you allow Vulture Capitalists to buy into regulated public monopolies. PG&E in recent years has paid out billions in shareholder instead of doing tree maintenance and pruning along its transmission easements. And they wasted NO time filing pre-emptively for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy although they are presently 20 billion in the black, due to the unmeasured liabilities they expect to get slapped on them by the courts after the last couple of years of wildfires.


Well they are jus getting rid of socialism


A couple of things related to PG&E
It’s unfortunate that there is only one delivery system, although I believe you can still buy from different sources.

The realities of fires this time of year is all too real.

Electricity is such an easy thing to take for granted.


They could be spending money on preventative maintenance rather than PR rehabilitative advertising. Why worry about image if you’re essentially a monopoly?


Things went South with the invention of the talking wires


Dook, I gotta a question. Is my generation completely fucking retarded and never learnt how to be self sustainable, or did your generation just not teach them? Did yall just realize it’s funnier to watch them struggle? I can completely get just giving up on some of these stupid cunts and just worrying about yourself.

Also, how do people not learn how to cook food on a fire? That’s basic, basic shit.


I am 74 - and have learnt it is the obligation of current gens to insult the senses of the older gens - I learned this a long time ago and it never fails to come to fruition




No denying that. Why though? The shit that has stuck around across all the generations that ever existed is here because it had some value. We forget way more than we remember.

But you’re old enough to have some wisdom to share, hopefully, how did everyone forget how to survive without Daddy holding their hand?


Each gen grows weaker because they can

We ain’t half as tuff as our parents and I can’t even ponder how much weaker then our grandparents

Christ, my grandmother lived in a 13 room house with only a coal stove (in NE US winters) in the kitchen and about 2 electric outlets - lived off canning and picking blue berries and some meager income -

I went picking one day with her as a lad - all fucking day in the hot sun and she was old then. Oh, and she used to walk 3 miles to church - rain - shine - or snow

Never mind what it was like 100 years b4 that

we would all just starve or just scrape by where they thrived.


I think the first world succeeding allows people the opportunity to be weak. If you are weak in the real world you die.

I heard a good saying that explained it well. Strong men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make bad times, bad times make strong men.


Those coal stoves were comfy.


Why would a life form use energy to grow stronger when it does not have to?


I think it’s more there is nothing filtering the genepool.

You carry the weakness of the herd.


Just so, and it affects even biology. Case in point:

One of the reasons fewer women in the US die in childbirth than they used to, is that childbirth itself is a natural selection process. Specifically, if a woman with a narrow pelvis has a baby by C-section due to medical intervention, her child regardless of gender carries forward a genetic tendency to narrow pelvis. If she believes the Pope and keeps on having children by C-section, soon enough you will start noticing a lot of young women with hips like a boy’s. This has in fact happened within my own lifetime.

WTSHTF and there is no longer medical support for the increased number of C-sections we need, we will start losing women in childbirth again.


There is a theory that Eves punishment cor giving Adam the apple of knowledge was metaphor for the price our increased brain size on women in childbirth.

That and our increased use of sight to visualize the world comes from snakes eating our money family, and color vision to detect ripe fruit. Even as an atheist, I have to grant it is an odd book full of metaphorical representations of reality.