LotusBud, make sure to keep all your drains open so the flood waters can get out



They deserve wot they fetched

only a stupid mother fucker lives in sich locations

WTF did you think was gona happen?



We don’t live in the hills. Montecito is a rich folks’ place.

But thanks fer yer concern. :kissing_cat:


I heard on the radio 14 are dead. How does that happen in rich people’s world?

Probably all workers. People left behind to take care of the house.


Yeah, how dare people live anywhere there are floods, wildfires, earthquakes, drought, killer heat waves, blizzards, dangerous cold, tornadoes, hail, etc.

What does that leave?


i really hate anyone that lives anywhere that might potentially be in a tsunami zone someday!


There is a difference where it happens once every 400 years or every 2 years


Yeah but it only takes once.


Come on,

if yer looking for a place and it gets washed down the fucking mountain every two years - why the fuck would you go there?

Fucking hurricane Diane 1955 - I saw it twist RR tracks like fucking pretzels and at age 10 swore I would never live where it flooded - EVER


The thing is tho, California is a bag ass place and when casually watching the reports of mudslides etc from afar, it is easy to think they are all in exactly the same place, when more often than not, they are in very different places from year to year.


My college buddy lived up in the Sierra foothills near Shaver Lake (above Fresno), he had cousins who thought he went surfing every morning before school.


Now exactly the same thing, but my Dad used to tell this story about a Cousin of some sort of his visiting him in Oregon and he and his older brother are taking her sight seeing around the southern part of the state, they took a short cut through part of an Indian Reservation and Uncle Jack casually mentions being on the Res, and then the cousin started freaking out and burying herself in the back seat under a blanket, so the injuns didn’t shoot at her.


I think this is the first time Montecito has ever been washed away.


I know they happen all over, but the last big one that comes to mind was a few years ago in the HIlls above Oakland, it seems they had some big slides after some fires over the summer.


Hey Apey, that was 27 years ago, old man.


I was resting.