Lou has gone full out batshit crazy


Quoting Heritage

Sign of a hard put and desperate man

just sayin


Would he know the background of that source being Australian? Probably not. So that doesn’t make him batshit crazy.

Now don’t make me get up and dick punch you…for fun.



Lou poasts with a jovial eloquence.


Google heritage and read the Wiki - if yer telling he don’t know how to do that then ya could punch me

they make fucking ISIS look sane


We’re gonna have to petition Billdo to make a special subforum for all the Lou Tribute threads Six is opening.


Lou’s a hack. A supposedly large vocabulary is not sufficient camouflage for hackdom.




Go easy on him, it’s not his fault he’s Australian.


Res ipsa loquitur.


You are free to challenge him intellectually any time you like.


Oh, thank you for giving me leave, my lady. When he displays some intelligence, perchance I shall take you up on that.


redire in tabernaculo tuo iniustitia



Too funny Duke.


alea iacta est


This is Murica - speak Spanish



What have I done now?

“A supposedly large vocabulary is not sufficient camouflage for hackdom.”

How does one have a “supposedly” large vocabulary?? That’s like saying someone is “supposedly” 6 feet tall.

What’s “Heritage”???

I’m so confused…I thought you were my friends…now I realise you’re all just out to get me…


Heritage are the assholes you posted on illegals and how much they take from the USA

they make fucking ISIS look sane yet you think the info was valid

anyone posting anything from the heritage think tank is fucking batshit crazy


I am not of the opinion that you have a particularly large vocabulary. Hence, the “supposedly.” If Tom Cruise went around telling people he was six feet tall, that there would be another “supposedly.” Einstein.


Lou if you aren’t familiar with the Heritage Foundation, think John Birch Society.


Yeah, well thanks for the heads up.

One question.

Does the fact that they make ISIS look sane mean that the data is false?