Lou has gone full out batshit crazy


You are free to challenge him intellectually any time you like.


Oh, thank you for giving me leave, my lady. When he displays some intelligence, perchance I shall take you up on that.


redire in tabernaculo tuo iniustitia



Too funny Duke.


alea iacta est


This is Murica - speak Spanish



What have I done now?

“A supposedly large vocabulary is not sufficient camouflage for hackdom.”

How does one have a “supposedly” large vocabulary?? That’s like saying someone is “supposedly” 6 feet tall.

What’s “Heritage”???

I’m so confused…I thought you were my friends…now I realise you’re all just out to get me…


Heritage are the assholes you posted on illegals and how much they take from the USA

they make fucking ISIS look sane yet you think the info was valid

anyone posting anything from the heritage think tank is fucking batshit crazy


I am not of the opinion that you have a particularly large vocabulary. Hence, the “supposedly.” If Tom Cruise went around telling people he was six feet tall, that there would be another “supposedly.” Einstein.


Lou if you aren’t familiar with the Heritage Foundation, think John Birch Society.


Yeah, well thanks for the heads up.

One question.

Does the fact that they make ISIS look sane mean that the data is false?


Typically op-eds are considered opinion, not fact.


Just when you think idiocy has reached its zenith, along comes someone to reset the high point.

That you claim to be an educator defies reason, because you utterly fail to demonstrate even the most primitive level of logic.

If Tom Cruise is “supposedly” 6 feet tall, all you do is measure him to determine the veracity of his claim.

If someone writes using a LARGE vocabulary, as I do, how in the hell can you claim my vocabulary to be “supposed”, you unmitigated troglodyte. My vocabulary is manifestly obvious to those who bother to read my posts.

Fuck. And to think the malleable minds of America’s youth is in the hands of this harpie.


The data is bullshit - there are studies that say illegals add to the economy and are needed for the future - and others say they hurt -

the heritage one is off the fucking wall with bullshit

I can tell you one thing - illegals came into the town where I grew up and it was starting to boom until the asshole mayor chased them out - then it went bust again - then they came back and now things are better

this story is not an isolated incident

the mayor cost the city 2.3 million in legal fees the city MUST PAY and they don’t have a pot to piss in

He thot he was gona supersede federal law


Read this - the city I grew up in

Amilcar Arroyo, editor and publisher of Hazleton’s Spanish newspaper, El Mensajero, a 56-page monthly, estimates that 100 Latino-owned businesses, each with three or four employees, have launched since 2006


Look we all like to toss around the big words now and again, that doesn’t make you Bill Shakespeare.


I prefer not to use big words. I write for the masses :slight_smile:


In the singular, it’s usually rendered “harpy.”

Lotus and I have already worked it to death, fwiw.


I made no claims about him being a good speller.


That’s a nice story, although what it highlights is the displacement of whites in lieu of Hispanics, legal and otherwise.

How is this a good thing?

As more migrants, particularly illegals, flood into the country, at what point will whites run out of places to go?

White Flight is not what I’d call a successful immigration model. 46% of the population hispanic is not what I’d call integration.

I understand the economics, but I repeat what I’ve said earlier; fixing a problem by creating another is no remedy.