Lou has gone full out batshit crazy


What was the ratio of whites to non whites in all us former Colonies of the Crown 300 years ago?


Why ask me?

I’m not a historian?

Google is your friend.


I thought you’d know, what with the high degree of faith you have in the post colonial “Super Power” period.


I have yet to see your vocabulary be anything but average. That’s how. Idjit.


You’re a bald faced liar. You are the one that raised it as an issue.

What is it with you and your obsession with bringing people down to your level. Your insecurity must be prodigious.

You should get that self esteem malfunction seen to.


I’d be happy to reply, if I had even a remote understanding of that it is you’re implying.


Settle down, there, Stool Man. Don’t stroke out.


Do you think, for the briefest moment, that a shrill, stupid and senseless harridan like you could cause me any upset at all?


You clearly don’t know me, and overestimate yourself.


^^^^^^ Alrighty then. LMAO.


Excellent, progress is being made you are beginning to sense it isn’t all about yuo.


Well, I KNOW that, but some of the denizens here seem to have missed the memo. I’ve had what…six…threads started just ABOUT ME!!!

So forgive me for thinking it is all about me. WTF did you talk about before my arrival? Lotus Bud’s keyboard halitosis?


lol…nice turn of phrase


Well, a “like” cup would have been nice!!!


Don’t be a filthyrecwhore.


Sorry, that one too has become a cliche.


So Hazleton was overrun by them drunkin fucking Irish drunks and it survived
And then it was overrun by loudmouth fucking grease balls and it survived

and now you think a new group of whoever will bury it

You just don’t fucking get it


Honestly Duke, it’s hard to “get” when coming from a place that doesn’t have these issues. I’m closer than Australia but even I have a hard time with some of your social issues like illegal immigration and racial divide.



Can I please have a list of these cliches to avoid further repetition?

Have mercy…I’m a noob.


Please have patience with us, I am afraid are expectations of you may have been set a bit too high, that’s on us, not you.


No worries, they aren’t really cliches to most readers. 'Tis only I who has used them, and it actually kind of tickles me to see an outsider come here and see what I’ve seen for so long. I only mention it in case you’re looking for a fresh descriptor or a trademark disparagement.