Love It Out Here 2


It’s a beautiful day out, we’re going out exploring somewhere probably a local park that looks pretty awesome. This was driving back from Sonoma/Santa Rosa the other day.


We’re very lucky to live here.


Awesome pic, it screams 'open highway."




Now you know…:sunglasses:


My roommate and I walked up the street and had two pitchers of margaritas and man is she drunk, I thought she could handle booze better than I but no… Lol


I was holding my vid camera and driving so it’s a little shaky.


Maybe I am nuts but your video makes me think of this…a little:


HDR ain’t real - just sayin


What is HDR?

So many acronyms.


The guy whose is always talking photos don’t fucking know what HDR is

get back in yer tent troll sumbitch

no interns today


I just asked google and they answered without being snotty about it.:grin:


There’s a lesson there innit


It’s snooty not snotty - is that the lesson?


HDR is real it just takes 3 photos real fast and combines them into one… I see it used all the time nowdaze…


It’s not the real colors - does it look like that?



yeah that’s pretty close to how it really looked


I sees it all the time lately and I am not a big fan. It has too much luminosity or something. I just use digital photography for snaps mainly. I don’t know much about digital really, it’s just point and shoot kind of boring. That’s why I didn’t know what HDR is.


I was kidding - it’s not real life but some HDR pics are astounding and nice to look at