Love it out here part 4


Went with my roommate to Point Reyes, Bolinas, Stinson Beach today, drove up Mt Tamalpais I think, Forest Knolls, Fairfax, Mill Valley, San Rafael…

our Chiweenie



I love these beyondtourist type shots, you get to see what an area is really like.

Have you been to Muir Woods or Monterrey yet?They are Awesome!


Learned how to ride waves at Bolinas. Making me homesick


I haven’t been to either one yet but they’re both on my California bucket list.


looks like a great place to live if you had retirement income or something coming in.


Bolinas I guess doesn’t really have internet because the townfolk don’t want the microwaves polluting their town. Even going so far as to like staging semi violent protests against AT&T who has basically deemed them not worth the trouble from what I was told. I guess they have a very wild and very left wing 4th of July party there every year.


gas was like $5.50 a gallon there :dizzy_face:


Crikey, that’s higher than here!


Yer makin up bullshit

Rural areas are frequently left in the digital shadows when it comes to the range and quality of service that major Internet companies provide. For many years, that shadow has stretched over West Marin. A case in point: for months now, residents in Bolinas say AT&T has denied them new high-speed Internet service, baffling locals who have spent countless hours on the phone with service representatives and who worry that the company may one day pull out of Bolinas entirely.


My friend didn’t act like that’s the case and he’s not technologically challenged, lived and worked in the area for like 10 years.


Hopefully they have no windmills


Bolinas was affordable 30 years ago.

It’s always been a tight community, and very liberal. The early surfers were Beatniks from SF and Sausalito, that evolved to Hippies. Learned so much from those days.


$4.40 here but that’s just regular.:grin:


Where old hippies go to die…lol




We pay a shitload in gas taxes, then for the special gasoline formulations…then someone in the oil world farts…never ends.


Pa gas taxes are 10 cents higher then CA

Highest in the USA


Like I said, we pay for special gasoline formulations for different seasons


They change here also