Love It Out Here Part 6


What a drive! It said 5 hours and was more like eight. Rainy and slow going through the mountains from Eureka to Grant’s Pass.



Great day exploring Eugene, walked 8 miles…




Good stuff!:slightly_smiling_face:


Love those trees! :clap: :


Went for a short hike in a city park with views of Mt Hood and Mt Rainier.


Pittock Mansion, Terwilliger Boulevard, Waterfront Park, The Park Blocks, Forest Park. Sauvies Island, to name but a few…


We rode the train downtown today, walked around, smoked weed in the mostly deserted streets, had a great vegan lunch at Veggie Grill.




Holy homeland, that’s Portland!


Reminds me, only been to Portlandia the one time, but you gotta check out the Japanese Garden, I’m told it’s the only real authentic one on the west coast. I really loved it


It makes me want to move to Portland. I’m gonna wait for pictures during the rainy season though.


So far just rain showers in the morning, then it’s beautiful.


I’ve already met a few bay area transplants working at the weed stores.


From my old neighborhood in Rohnert Park, to the Avenue of the Giants, to a couple little clips of Eugene, then on to Mt St Helen’s bridge in Portland, Mt Hood and a waterfall in the mountains yesterday near Multnomah Falls.



My kind of Town PDX is…

The Statue is “Portlandia” she graces Portland’s City Hall. the artist that created her has an iron clad contract where the City of Portland can’t use her image on any Chamber of Commerce type promos nor anyone else can “access” its image without express agreement from the artist, nor can she be moved to perhaps a more prominent place, as that Robert Graves Designed Building (Big shot architect in the 80’s he desigend several building that all looked like this one, that has sort of become an Albatross for the City)

Billdo flashes a blunt at the Multnomah Cty Jail

“The Waterfront” I worked across the street for a year or so at a VW Dealership (Now a Mercenary Benz Store) That looked out over that, I had bankers and various vendor reps stopping by all the time to take me to lunch at a floating restaurant down there…as it was the hot new place to lunch at, at the time.

That used to be The First Interstate Bank Building, I forget I think now it’s called the Standard Insurance bldg.years ago when it was still owned by the Bank, one of my Uncle’s was an upper middle level VP Type guy, starting there right after the big one.