Love It Out Here Part 6


Also My firstie and I went down to Waterfront Park the Sunday Morning they Brought Portlandia in on a barge to the Waterfront Park where she was loaded onto a Flatbed and given a ride the few blocks up to her new Throne…as you can see lots a people came to welcome her home…


Hiking today at Pothole Falls and Round Lake across the river in WA.



Great shots too…you capture the beauty so well!


Thank you, it’s easy with good subject matter. It’s really beautiful up here, it’s a lush northern rainforest.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that lake. nice find, that whole area on both sides of the Columbia is full of amazing.


Silver Creek Falls,. Doo eet!


You did arrive at a very nice time, while everything is green and growing, and there are hundreds of shades of green.


We climbed down and back up a very precarious, steep, slippery, muddy rock slope to get down to the top of that waterfall. I about chickened out because I was worried about breaking bones, ruining my clothes, etc. but did it for the pics!


Do be very careful, people die on those trails doing that very thing. every year.

And not just the usual amateur dumb fucks you’d expect, but like serious minded people into doing serious outdoor shit…


Put Abiqua Falls on your list, I have never been, I have heard the hike in is not the easiest and best done in dry weather…but check it out.


Love the mirror lake shot. Love it.


Speaking of Mirror lakes photo ops. check out Trillium Lake if you get a chance.


I loved looking at these shots :clap:


We wanted to go to Mirror Lake but they had the parking lot blocked off, so we end up hiking on a trail right off the highway at Mt Hood National Park, around the base of Mt Hood… we were already pretty high up and then we hiked up to higher elevations and you could see snow on top of a mountain across from us at about the same elevation, we could see our breath but I we were warm from hiking up the mountain. Once we started heading back down, took a little break, it got really cold, fast… I didn’t even really know where we were until I got back or I would have drove up the side rode we pulled off of.








Before the riot broke out last night…









My old town Portland looks so different, but I am the same.