Love It Out Here Part 7


Alberta Arts District




Great stuff. You’re on a roll.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, good subject matter is key… hope I have a better phone soon with a better camera on it. I’ve gotten some mileage out of the cheap Moto.


Went back to Camas, WA for a short hike last night, a little downstream from Pothole Falls.


Went hiking today, it was pretty awesome.


Nice shot, nice composition. Good exposure.


Be careful out there, those beautiful rushing rivers are still very cold this time of year…even if it is 80 degrees


We hiked to Mirror Lake and we started to head up the trail to the mountain above it, Tom, Dick and Harry Mt. but didn’t go all the way on that trail.


You gotta get there at like 6 in the morning to see why it’s called that.

Not my pic obvy (6am is just a bit past my bedtime)


you gotta wade through some water just to get over to the other side where that pic was taken from it looked like… There were some boards under an inch of water to walk on but a section with no boards. I saw the person ahead submerge their whole shoe and I was like I’m good… :stuck_out_tongue:


Morning walk, can you find Che Guevera?


Follow Zach Urness on FB, outdoor writer for a local paper, covers everything outdoorsy related, for mostly Oregon. Pics stories etc…


A ‘walk on water’ shot might have worked.:grin: