Maybe instead of a trophy wall, we go after those who employ "illegals"?


Imagine if there were no jobs, and nobody came?


I read a time or two, from racists btw, that e-verify was the answer to illegal immigration.

Hmmm, maybe not.


E-Verify is probably an ok tool, but like any data base it is only as effective as the information it has to work with, like if this guy stole an ID as they are now saying, maybe stolen ID’s should be referenced in E Verify Like the nut job that shot up the Church in Texas being able to buy a gun, because the Military didn’t share his domestic violence conviction with the database tracking people that should not have guns.


Everything can be got around.


I heard somewhere (might Have even been here) that illegals commit fewer crimes per capita than TRUMP campaign/administration workers.



This in response to this:

On Tuesday night, Samantha Lucas, a second cousin of Tibbetts’s, shared a tweet written by Candace Owens, the communication director of the conservative nonprofit organization Turning Point USA, that read in part, “Leftists boycotted, screamed, and cried when illegal immigrants were temporarily separated from their parents. What will they do for Mollie Tibbetts?”


Temporarily? So they finished reuniting, or at least now know where everybody goes?


Well, there’s a narrative…


Filled with alternative facts and Giuliani-truths, no doubt,


The problem(no criticism intended) is that your position is supported by people who have no power.


2nd cousin - really

Not being MMQ, but if she was my gal she would have known how to defend herself or she would have been running with an Anatolian or a friend

This is just absolutely fucking horrible - there are no words


Of course the crime is horrific.

Maybe the family doesn’t want their pain exploited by politics.


I keep thinking the same thing every time there is a school shooting and the Dem leadership immediately tries to exploit the shooting in an attempt to ban guns. Couldn’t they wait at least until the children have been buried.


Given a couple of them a week, I guess to you it’s never a good time for solutions.


Only addressing guns may help save lives. Addressing immigration will have almost no impact on the murder rate.


Let’s try to maintain a modicum of consistency, OK Libs?

I like this hat

I would like to consistently wipe cons from the face of the earth


You first


Get back in your tent…and don’t come out.