McCain Dead



Anchors away Sailor.

eta, PS, What did McCain have on Hillary?


Saw something yesterday about McCain having expressed a hope Obama would give his eulogy. Crossing my fingers.


That, would be epic. And i hope they give this son of a son of a Sailor a State Funeral or as close to one as they can get, just to spin the Cheeto.


I didn’t agree with most anything with him. However, I never doubted his love for this country nor his devotion to serve it.

May he RIP.


As a son, I hope he felt at peace with with his forefathers, his Dad and his Grand Dad were both full Admirals which in their times was like being a mthrfckng King.


Good fucking riddance

H1B & war mongering mother fucker

Humanity is far better this evening


If only we were all perfect and nefer made any mistakes in life or had bad judgment.

How have you managed? Write the book. Maybe I’ll buy it.


I made a ton of mistakes - never wanted to send kids to die for fucking nothing.

Or have a job filled by an H1b taken from a vet or any other US citizen

What the hell do mistakes have to do with being a douchebag?

Major difference that

4000 US dead in Afganistan and this mother fucker wanted more

His personal plan - 2017

More American troops would be sent. American soldiers would be embedded again with Afghanistan combat troops. U.S. air cover would be substantially increased.

U.S. aid to Afghanistan would be boosted. It would be tied to Afghanistan hitting benchmarks on good governance, such as cracking down on corruption, agreed to with the U.S. government.

Never mind the fact the fucking place has not fallen in 2300 fucking years -

My statement stands

The fucking tragedy is he lived as long as he did

I get to cross one off the list


Not only that, but he timed his death to harm another Republican.



She has to be a psychopath to believe his death was a pernicious attempt to harm her campaign.


So John was lucid in his last hours

He thot

I will schedule my death to ruin kelli’s bus tour

I think Kelli is more then fucked up

CCer’s will vote for her now - bookmark it


Maybe he believed that pulling out would strengthen terrorist nerworks, like what happened whe Obama pulled out our troops.

I don’t agree with his perspective, but I think he believed what he ws doing ws the right thi g.

See, to me men like Cheney did what they did to profit personally.


What part of you cannot win do you not understand

I read a long and well written article by a woman who lived there for a long time - she said if you want peace - just fucking leave - the Taliban are farmers and shop keepers who just want to go home - they have a mindset that will tolerate no invaders - PERIOD

The fucking Russians had 100,000 troops whose goal was to kill everybody - no winning hearts and minds bullshit - and they had sense enough to leave

It has to do rare earth minerals or pipelines or something



I understand your perspective. Stop your aggression. I’m talking to you, not ranting.

You missed my point, even if wrong, which we both agree he was, his motivation came from a sense of duty to defend the country.

Why can’t you see shades of grey? There is a difference between a McCain and a Cheney.

And the Afghanis aren’t so fucking peaceful, that’s a crock of shit.





Maybe if there was a draft and your kids had bad numbers you would change your tune

there are no fucking shades of grey in my world - ask Dawn

Yer either a mother fucker or you ain’t

you don’t fucking get this is for the banks and the mining and oil companies

He should have been in prison over the keating 5 - the biggest banking scandal in US history

get a fucking clue what he was really like


There are shades of grey in my world.

I don’t know whom you think should be in government, the fact is, most human beings are motherfuckers at one time or another.


I just checked with Dawn Ellen bout the grey thing

she sed


Her words exactly