McCain Dead


I hope ya don’t mind my sayin this, Six. The last ten years have not been kind to yer peace of mind. I blame the internet.


Things were better before the net

Of course downloading manuals and sich has made things easier and all yer car fixin vids and sich

and actually yer wrong about ten years

the bad luck streak started in 1990 and has not ended


Stay classy Trumptards


Gosh, he went from hero to asshole with those tards in one Senate vote, after decades of toeing the party line.


I just read on FB that the nasty comments are from all those democrats that watch Fox. So…


She’s a wise lady.



In the spirit of Apey’s sense of humor.


Yippee Ki-yay, Mavericker.


I agree with BD6… Rest In Piss!


We won’t even get in to leaving the wife who worshipped the ground he walked on and waited 7 fucking years for him

because well - she put on a few pounds and had a bad leg

or getting into the academy cause of his ol man and taking a spot from someone more deserving


Here is another gem this prick had a hand in

A midnight kind of sneaky thing

selling off Indian holy land to a FOREIGN fucking mining company - BUT HEY THEY CONTRIBUTED


I’m saving my vitriol for the current occupant of the WH, Cheney, McConnell and cross my fingers I get to see it,Ryan’s death.




Everybody is flying the national flag at half staff, as is traditional (but not mandated by US Code) for senior senators (usually for 3 days or until burial)

Everybody except the WH which has only issued one piddly tweet.

Guess this makes Six a Trump supporter now.


Thats harsh - really

I am ambivalent about his leaving the planet - he was just a douche

and fuck trump for not flying the flag and releasing all the right words that were prepared ahead of time


Bush and Obama invited to speak at McCain Funeral, Trump told to eat shit and die.


Well, W and Obama probably aren’t going to pull out the electoral maps of the 2000 GOP Primary and/or 2008 Presidential Election during the service.


Will theOne bring him how many millions were at his swearing in?


The party celebrating McCain’s death will pale in comparison to the YUUUGE party celebrating TRUMP’s death, so he’ll have that going for him, which is nice.


All right youse guys quit dumping on Trump, this whole flag fiasco was McCain’s fault.