Me and 3 flax warmers are taking a nap


Takes long to heat them but it will be worth it with this cold


OK, I don’t want to read about any funny business with them pillows later on, k?


Flax don’t like to get wet - nuff sed


flax on, flax off



But, but, I thought you like being cold.


I don’t like being cold - that is why I make my own flax things

who the fuck likes being cold

are you high?


“It’s 38 degrees. We have the windows open. Fuck heaters.” – Bigdukesix


38 is fucking joy - it’s 46 in the bedroom - 36 out

38 is pure joy compared to what it was


So, again, why do you need flax warmers?


Did the ignore button get lost

we sure as fuck need one


Oh, I’m sorry Mr Snowflake. I hope it’s below 32, so’s ya don’t melt clean away.


Evidently the mud did not go far enuf



You’re wishing me dead over this thread? Mmmmmkaaaay…


Where did I say that?

I think yer cyber bullying me



The other six is only a few neurones away