Me and my penis: 100 men reveal all


Just H Christ - You can see them full page one at a time if you page down - ugh


Wow. That’s really touching.


That is some of the ugliest dick I have ever seem


It would be hard to make dicks look pretty, actually.


Mine is pretty compared to those

Compared to most of those it would win an award fer nicest dick - old as it is


Do dicks age? Like does your dick look different now than it did say 20 years ago?


It prolly does, but I don’t notice it - you could get Boro to post another dick pic and the old one and compare


So you haven’t noticed your penis looking more aged over the years?


It’s hard to say - It would have to - but it don’t look any different to me


My Nixon has had arthritis since I was twelve. It keeps getting stiff.


I beat you by 4 years


This is like looking at a car accident, you kind of want to look but…no thanks.



I zoomed :smile:




What? I wanted to get a good look at all them softies.


They are pretty bad - the only saving grace is they are not as ugly as giant lopsided labia that need fixin


If i posted another picture… one of the ladies would tell me to clean my room again.


go ahead - do it


I can’t say I’ve ever seen one of those.

They do have the Great Wall of Vag though:


Long ago I posted a link to pics of unreal labias that much needed plastic surgery - it was not a joke and really horrific - lucky for these girls they got them fixed - everyone went like OMG