Meanwhile a few miles south down the coast, rescuers are pouring water over the young whale


Last report is they have a trench dug, and the incoming tide is just now getting to him, and with a little luck they hope to have him back into the drink asap.

There is film of him earlier being washed up on the beach. But it’s a closed group can’t share the vid


Recent posts less optimistic, unsure whether this teenager will see another dawn.


Sucks, keeping fingers crossed


They could save a lot of whales by letting spooky practice on Jap whale ships


Well The Whale is still on the beach, I have read that it is still alive, but barely, lots of locals freaking out, apparently some tourist lady let her kids climb around on the dying mammal and pose for pics.

One or two posts suggesting it’s dead. not too sure about that, but if he doesn’t get back soon, I guess it’s matter of time.




Just read they have decided to euthanize this Baby, Estimated to be roughly 5 months old.


The presser