Mexicans are terrible people, because they're so dum


Why the fuck shud she come here - she would be better making math to do good for Mexico

why the fuck do any good fer this fucking hatehole


Because the cartels will end up accidentally murdering her the stupid bastards.


There are plenty of other countries would be more then happy


I can’t argue with you there.


If she wanted out, I am sure Canada or most any Euro Country, especially Spain would probably snap her up, but she may be perfectly happy where she is too. or one of the South American Countries for that matter.


You seem to be finding a common denominator here.


Q.E.D. but not the lowest common denominator, by any means.


That about sums it up


Hey. Repeating a numbers joke may prove it rational, but not nice.


A complex issue for myself, hence referring to myself as “i”.