Mexico is almost as bad as Chicago - Mexico gunbattle near Texas border between suspected cartel members, police leaves at least 21 dead



Give em the Kilkenny Cats treatment.


Because American gun laws are so awesome, I read a report that says it is believed that on average 250 guns a day are smuggled into Mexico from the USA.


Cheeto offered to wipe them out -

He can’t wipe out farmers in Afgan - how the fuck is he gona wipe out the cartels


Was visiting a friend in Mexico for 10 days. A lovely place. Had a great time. Shocked me to find that San Miguel de Allende has more single Gringas than Florida. I believe I’ll go back in the spring. Awesome restaurants, people and Cheap.


Mexico military also lost a bunch of guys to the cartels.


Same way he ended ISIS, won the trade war with China, and balanced the budget.


And exposed the Military Justice System to be part of the deep state.


Half the Mexican military is the cartels…


I have read that, The Cartels recruit right out of the Military especially the Marinas and their Special Forces Units.


So then Mexico represents a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER


Sure, that’s right.

And American tweakers…


Best scene from Clear and Present Danger - Start the music


It’s a hell of a note when yer cartel can paint its name on the side of its trucks, to make sure you know it’s them.


i guess when you audit your petty cash by weighing 55’ box trailers, you can afford a little flash.


Paranoia is life limiting. Something I’ll never buy into. How I live my life. In reality, the United States is and remains a dangerous place.


Did you get that from THE ACCOUNTANT




So, how does he survive such clientele

Best line!

Farmers Wife: Do you like my necklace - I made it myself

The Accountant: Not particularity

Hello Dreamboat and virus to triple Z are great also

Hell of a movie