Mexico is gona hand cheeto his ass


It’s something that people often forget. I actually give people a huge benefit of the doubt, up until I tire of their bullshit.



Could you cite some examples of Trump winning?
I’m curious.


These cult mother fuckers think everything he does is some kind of win

Why are you bothering with this?

Joe would suck cheetos cock in Times Square on a stage at New Years Eve




I posted that for the purpose of humor. I forgot that Libs don’t have one.:grin:

I have no idea where that crap is manufactured, probably China.


You should buy more then, because the price on them will be going up 25%


A con with humor - dats dead on arrival - srsly


I am a Libertarian but I got tired of trying to explain that to people who live in their little Con/Lib world.


Explain what was funny. I don’t get it.


What do liberatarians think about separating children from their parents? I mean, you imply you’re different from CON/LIBS.


I don’t have all the answers but I think that it terrible when children are separated from their imprisoned citizen mothers.


You can’t feel that terrible. We haven’t done jack shit about it in all the time we’ve imprisoned mothers. This “concern” about citizen mothers was never discussed before the issue at the border.

In my opinion, it’s an attempt to deflect and to shift the conversation away from the crap we’re doing to families at the border.

Your answer: FAIL


Did you? The arguments about the borders are simply designed to manipulate.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.


If I take over the world borders will not exist

Day1 - they will be erased form all maps


Did you miss where I said “we”, as in, our country?

The truth that 2000 kids have been separated from their parents in two months isn’t manipulation. It’s a fact.



OK, send them back with their kids. Softies encourage further lawlessness.


The immoral zero tolerance policy that you apparently support doesn’t make that so easy.

The policy is to charge and prosecute these individuals before getting to the goal of deporting them. That process takes months.

Also, most of these people are seeking asylum from social and political disasters we largely created


The flash in the pan has flashed - it’s fucking over - I shuda went to fucking Uruguay 40 years ago

The demise of the USA will be quick and fitting


mexico can’t do shit. they can’t even keep their own head above water