Mid-term stunt


Because you’re hysterical nancy :slight_smile:



You got that right.


Why Black people, why?


Nah, I just think everyone should be treated equally? Don’t you?


All I see is a privileged little twat whining… :stuck_out_tongue:


But I guess you didn’t shoot up a school like I always figured you would at least… lol


Why the fuck would I shoot up a school?

And how am I entitled?

Everything I’ve done I’ve worked for. Prove me wrong.

All I see is a mentally unstable person who doesn’t know a lick of anything. :roll_eyes:


I obviously touched a nerve… :slight_smile:


Well perhaps you shouldn’t tell someone who’s worked hard his whole life that he’s privileged. I grew up on food stamps in a $600 rent house. Nothing has ever been handed to me…
Except the food stamps lmao


You had it easy kid and you’re on here with your cunt bleeding about some of the poorest people on the planet trying to better themselves with a job you or I wouldn’t work…


And he took that socialism he hates to see others get - go figure


I lived a below average childhood. Sure, easy compared to the rest of the world. But $20 shoes and everything from thrift stores isn’t exactly “good” in today’s society.

Regardless, as I’ve said multiple times yet you’ve ignored, I have no problem if these people (or any other immigrants) come work here so long as they can do so legally (which mean vetting them).
Homeland Security and becoming legal, tax paying citizens is important.


Compared to these folks you’re a whiney over privileged little bitch… had it rough lmfao


I’m National Guard, the only socialism I received was in BCT/AIT.

I don’t have healthcare through the military. My MREs and sustinence comes out of my paycheck.

Try again.


It takes 12 fucking years for the ones educated and with some cash

so like what the fuck chance does someone with little schooling and no cash have?

something is wrong with you


I agree the system needs revamped.


Go walk a thousand miles in their shoes you dumb fuck. Besides if cheap labor republicans would stop adveritisng jobs down there and hiring them they’d stop coming… whiner idiots like you give merica a bad name moron…


Wow for someone so lacking of intelligence, I’m surprised that was readable.


My turds have more intelligence than your whole dumb fuck family lolz