Minus 700


so tired of winning


When do the foreclosed Farm Auctions start, and will they be on HGTV?


They will have MAGA hats on - bookmark it


Assholes up the road got trump 2020 signs out


It’ll be like the Hanging scene in Billy Budd, the big beefy farm boy wearing the MAGA hat will be shouting MAGA or Trump 2020 as the gavel comes down.



dats 4g fer 1 contract profit

i shuda been short

shuda cuda wuda


Go home, have two martinis, a decent meal, and sleep well if you can. Tomorrow will take care of itself for a few hours.


closed at -800


Make that three martinis.


-902 at 5PM est futs close

open at 6PM est


Obama and his fckn trade treaties!


Tariff wars are teh SIMPLE!


Granted that’s a lot less per percentile than Obama

Here’s a great resource to compare 43, 44 and 45.
Edit: you can do other Presidents too, and it shows Clinton was the best for our economy. Hoover was Hoover worst with -81%



now pick out that one chart that will show the growth trajectory we have been on the last 9 or 10 years or so, show how that upward curve took a dramatic upward acceleration once Trumponomics kicked. TIA.


If you clicked the link and read what I had to say, you’d notice that I was saying he gained more per point, but less per percentage. He wasn’t the worst Presidential we’ve had for the economy, but he’s certainly better than Bush and worse than Obama.

Thanks for playing.


How many fucking times to I have to tell if you graph O years and project the line to the present we would be here anyway with no chaos


I went to Walmart today and bought me a tent, a sleeping bag and a fishing pole. I am prepared.:slightly_smiling_face:


I honestly wish I had time to design a graph and see what the annual percentage should’ve been over time to reach where we are now.

If you’ve got the time for it, I’d love to see it.


There are cubicles full of computers and smart people trying figure that out, 24/7


Nothing to design - take a chart of the O years and project it up like it was going - shud take about 12 seconds